UGA kinesiology professors need UGA employees for focus group study


Obesity & Exercise, Obesity Initiative at UGA

UGA kinesiologyUGA Employees Needed for a Research Study Examining Physical Activity, Proper Nutrition, and Weight Management Barriers

This comes from the UGA kinesiology department. Please participate if you can!

Male and female UGA employees are needed for a focus group examining employees’ perceptions of physical activity, proper nutrition, and weight management on the UGA campus.  The focus group will be performed at the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Georgia.

Participants will be asked to participate in a focus group and will be asked questions regarding one’s barriers and benefits to physical activity, proper nutrition, and weight management.  Participants will also be asked to complete body measurements (height, weight, and waist circumferences) along with a health history questionnaire.

We’d love to have the results inform UGA policy/employee health programs,” said Bhibha Das, who is conducting the research.

Participants can earn a free exercise program, free diet analysis, or free body composition assessment.  A free exercise program, diet analysis, and body composition assessment will be given out for each focus group (6 total of each). In each focus group, there will be a drawing in which each participant has equal chance of receiving their choice of one of the following incentives: a free exercise program, a free diet analysis, or free body composition assessment. Participation in the research is not required in order to enter the drawing.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Bhibha Das: or 706-688-9297

Principal Investigator: Ellen M. Evans, PhD,