Not a one-man job


Obesity Initiative at UGA

Fighting obesity requires more than just a well-informed dietitian or personal trainer. “It takes a village to overcome obesity,” according to a recent Red and Black editorial by Laura Thompson. And UGA’s Obesity Initiative is helping the school become that village, for the sake of its students and for the rest of the state.

According to Thompson, UGA has made great strides in combating the problem and should continue to use the campus-wide initiative to fight obesity in ways beyond the obvious.  When it comes to obesity education, anyone who can influence others should be tasked with advocating healthy practices.

“In order for the state to truly take control of its weight, obesity awareness needs to be common knowledge. We don’t need another 24-hour gym or organic smoothie stand, but rather, a shift toward a culture that challenges people and encourages them to carefully evaluate what is best for their bodies.”

Now that the university has taken the first step, Thompson says it’s the students responsibility to carry the message past the Arch.

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