Intriguing infographic shows the numbers and costs associated with obesity


Obesity Initiative at UGA

Obesity infographicYou guys know how I love infographics, and this one immediately won me over this week.

Check out this awesome explanation about the numbers and costs associated with obesity. The American Public Health Association held a contest for National Public Health week, and this year’s theme was “Public Health is ROI – Save Lives, Save Money.”

A team from MPH@GW, the George Washington University’s online Master of Public Health program, developed this graphic with a designer, professors, and staff.

Just last week, they were announced as national winners for the infographic! Check out the full version on their site.

Credit goes to Sarah Fudin for telling me about the contest and graphic. She manages the community and content for the MPH@GW, which sounds like an awesome program.

“We thought focusing on the cost of obesity would be a good way to support this year’s theme and raise awareness to the obesity issues our nation faces,” she said.

“I am super excited to be working in a space where I can connect with people passionate about making our world a better place,” she added. “Happy belated National Public Health Week!”