Back from the break? Keep up the exercise!


Obesity Initiative at UGA

Dr. Bailey doing leg presses

Ready for the rest of the semester? Don’t forget to keep walking! Obesity Initiative director Cliff Baile was featured in Walk Georgia while we were out, and he has great thoughts about staying active.

Check out part of the interview below, and read the full post here:

What motivates you to stay healthy?

I seldom have not had a regular exercise routine since playing competitive team sports during my early years in junior high, high school and college. I think it is one of the reasons that I didn’t miss a workday due to an illness during my first 45 years after joining the work force.

What do you enjoy most about exercising?

I do challenging workouts, which have resulted in tons of sweat over the years. I find the routines relaxing, and they act as stress reducer for the challenges endured each day. When I was younger, competitive sports were even more enjoyable.

What do you do to stay fit?

I visit Ramsey every day (when I’m not traveling) and have a 5-day routine, which includes cardiovascular and weight training muscle groups, as well as balancing and core exercises. These workouts average about one hour.

How do you make time for exercise?

I give exercise a priority, and I can usually schedule time every day for a workout, even when traveling.