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UGA classes continue to help people with disabilities fight obesity


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Check out this video from Grady Newsource posted on Monday.

Kevin McCully and his students are working each semester to help local people with disabilities to fight obesity and gain better movement.

His classes are particularly nice for showing the Obesity Initiative at work visually. This is one of a number of videos about his fitness class for individuals with disabilities, such as this one produced by James Hataway earlier this fall. I’m hoping to create a video about a dance class his students are holding for disabled students.

Reducing Obesity using Dance Classes for People with Intellectual Disabilties Grant application submitted


Functional Fitness, Disability & Environment, Obesity & Exercise, Obesity Initiative at UGA

Zoe Young, a graduate student supported by the UGA Obesity Initiative, just submitted a grant to the Tanita Healthy Weight Community Trust.  The aim is to reduce weight in children and adults with intellectual disabilities using dance and healthy eating.  Zoe is a dance instructor who is also a doctoral student in Exercise Science.  Zoe will partner with Kevin McCully, her advisor, and Laura Whitacker who is the director of Extra Special People.  Nice job Zoe!

Research grant: reducing obesity in people with disabilities


Functional Fitness, Disability & Environment, Obesity Initiative at UGA

Body weight support walking with student help

We just submitted a research grant to the National Institutes of Health to set up a community partnership to reduce obesity in people with disabilities.  A very exciting proposal, we would add physical activity and healthy eating to sports and recreational activities for people with disabilities.  Students get a better education and the participants get the extra help and encouragement they need.  We have started collecting pilot data!

Naming contest


Functional Fitness, Disability & Environment, Obesity Initiative at UGA

So, we need a name for our effort to combine sports and recreation programs with a wellness program involving exercise and eating right.  Why include exercise in sports?  Well, have you watched any baseball lately?  How much in the way of exercise does a left fielder get in a typical practice?  Our choice of a name is:  AIRS (Athens Inclusive Recreation & Sports).