Walk Georgia

From children to adults, Georgians across the state are working toward a healthier lifestyle with the help of a University of Georgia Cooperative Extension fitness program called Walk Georgia. Since the program began in 2008, more than 20,000 participants have logged more than 2.2 million “virtual” miles of physical activity.


The Healthier Workplace

For nearly 15 years, David DeJoy, Mark Wilson and their colleagues in the Workplace Health Group in the College of Public Health have partnered with organizations of nearly all sizes and types—from Dow Chemical Co. to Home Depot Inc. and the Georgia Department of Community Health—on issues related to health and occupational safety.

Mary Ann Johnson

Never Too Late for Seniors

For more than a decade, Mary Ann Johnson and Joan Fischer, professors of foods and nutrition with the UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences, have been exploring the factors that put older adults at risk for obesity and designing and testing interventions to help them lead healthier lives.


Healthy Afterschool Programs

Phillip Tomporowski and Bryan McCullick, kinesiology faculty members in UGA’s College of Education, are introducing fun and effective exercise games into the Clarke County after-school program curriculum.

Dawgs on the Move

Dawgs on the Move initiative

The University of Georgia Alumni Association is partnering with UGA’s Obesity Initiative to present “Dawgs on the Move,” a program that promotes a healthy lifestyle.


Connecting in Colquitt County

In south Georgia’s Colquitt County, Marsha Davis of the College of Public Health and colleagues are sharing information on healthy eating and exercise. They are connecting to the community through a weekly newsletter for parents, family fun nights that are held in partnership with the local YMCA, and promotions of community-wide initiatives such as Farmer’s Markets and walking trails.